Justin wins best actor for "lockbox"

Justin plays leading role Nathaniel Bryant: an amiable yet desperate man who unexpectedly comes across a large sum of money as he attempts to begin his journey to a new life.

Top Shorts: Best Actor!

Lockbox - Poster with Laurels.jpg

Director: Jake Noecker

Produced by: Ingem Media

Justin was honored to be a amongst the talented cast in this riveting drama that takes a hard look at the importance of mental health through the filter of religion and race.

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Director: Caralene Robinson

Produced by 220th Street Productions

Leo releases official trailer

Directed by: Christopher Boncimino

Produced by: Great Mustachio Filmworks

Justin was featured as one of the main actors in LEO. He plays the stoic brother of the title character, who is a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome.  Leo is forced to reinvent himself when a mastermind who has a fascination with Da Vinci’s famous flying machine steals his identity.